A night out for Moms & Dads to come & learn
from experienced homeschooling parents,

Larry & Brenda Farris -
share their wisdom:

Patterns of happy, low stress, joy filled home schooling
   Essential lifetime learning objectives
   Learning opportunities vs teaching
   Establish boundaries and natural consequences
   Holy Ghost as a testator of truth
 Saturday:  October  23, 2010 7-9:00pm

at the home of
brand new TJ Ed homeschoolers :)
Trent & Laree Duncan
2556 E. Fairbrook St.
Mesa, Az 85213

(near Mountain View High School)
 Whether this event is a first time look at homeschooling, or you're feeling the need for some encouragement or validation...or just to get a homeschool boost,
come & join with other like-minded parents at this event!

Socializing @ 8:30

About Brenda & Larry:
In 1985, after returning from a mission in Brazil, Larry met Brenda at McDonalds in Rexburg ID while they were both attending Ricks College. Sealing their union a mere 3 month later, they have been married for 25 yrs!

After marrying they traveled to Ecuador where Larry worked in a bank and Brenda taught English at a private school.

Upon returning from Ecuador, they became very involved for about 10 years in the Oregon political struggle for families. Larry ran for the Oregon Legislature, they were selected for the Republican National Convention, Larry was selected as a presidential elector, they led constitutional study groups, and Larry attended national campaign management training in the Reagan White House where his passion for applied psychology was ignited.

Brenda had home births with their three boys and later volunteered with La Leche League. Their oldest, Spencer, age 20, is serving his mission in Brazil (like his father!), Benson is age 17, Hunter age 15.

When their children were young, they also lived in Costa Rica and later in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. When they returned from Mexico they joined a publicly-funded home school resource center, Homesource, where the boys participated in a variety of classes taught by parents and community members, developed great friendships, and wonderful experiences.  

Being life-time homeschoolers, they experienced education from a first-hand basis in 2004 when they traveled around the US in a 5th wheel for 10 months, visiting church history sites, national history sites,  science museums, civil war sites, NASA space centers, the Florida keys and swam with manatees (a life-time dream of Larry's!)

In 2005 they moved to Arizona and shortly connected with a beginning group of young teens gathering to study Shakespeare and Constitutional studies.  For the next few years Brenda and the boys participated in the TJed programs.

Larry loves to learn and explore. He dedicates a significant portion of his life to diving deeply into subjects that interest him and sharing his knowledge with others. Having a love for teaching, teens are some his favorite people to mentor.  A few years ago Larry started mentoring under Dean Session to better understand the missing truths in modern science.  Last year he taught a course that he called “Broken Science” to introduce teens to the concepts and ideas surrounding science.

Larry also teaches applied psychology for teens.  The subject matter lends itself to lots of activity, personal exploration, skits, life skills, and spiritual discussions.  The courses have become very popular among teens and parents, and Larry considers it a highlight of his week.

Larry is the fund manager for a renewable energy company and Brenda works by his side. She also enjoys sewing, learning along side her boys, reading classics, attending book club, and body pump class.
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